Drawing is Seeing

There are many approaches to drawing – from photorealism to complete abstraction.   Most people simply want to be able to create a likeness of an object or scene before them.  It’s a skill anyone can learn.   If you can see it, you can learn to draw it, because basically, drawing is seeing.  A drawing is a description of an idea made with marks.  To create a representational drawing, where you put those marks relates directly to what you see.  So, to draw you need to develop hand-eye coordination.  The video below shows one way of doing this.

Try drawing your hand as the video demonstrates, then pick a simple object at home and use the same principles to draw it.  For example, take an onion.   Set it in front of you.  Trace your pencil around it from your viewpoint. Then looking closely at the onion, put your pencil on the paper and guide your pencil around the paper as your eye follows the outline of the onion.  The most important thing is to keep looking at the onion and let your eyes inform your hand how to draw.  How’d you do?  

I Love to Draw

There’s something about moving a pen or pencil around a piece of paper that is at the same time calming and energizing.  I believe drawing adds a whole new dimension to life because it prompts us to see in new ways.  It promotes inspiration and creativity through expression.  And, it provides fulfillment and satisfaction with progress and accomplishment.   Each of us has a voice, a special uniqueness that we must share.  On top of all that, learning how to draw is, quite simply, FUN.  Love to Draw will celebrate the joy of drawing – all kinds of drawing, from first efforts to masterworks.  The plan is to share ideas, experiences and encouragement as well as provide specific lessons and informational videos.  It’s really not about becoming the next Rembrandt or Picasso (although you never know…), but more about sharing ideas, expressing your unique creativity more freely and having fun learning to let go of limitation.   Practice, enjoy and practice some more.

In her book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards includes a quote from one of her students:  “I don’t think I ever actually looked at anyone’s face before I started drawing.  Now, the oddest thing is that everyone looks beautiful to me.”  Join me on this journey, learn to draw and celebrate the amazing beauty that exists in our world.


Siri sleeping on the ferry