The Why

Continuing with ideas from Catherine Gill’s fabulous book, Powerful Watercolor Landscapes,  (see previous post)  on page 18 Cathe explains: “When you begin a painting [or drawing] and can’t think where to start, remember ‘why,’ ‘what,’ ‘where.’   Your ‘why’ is an emotion, an association, a mood, your personal connection.”    Your ‘what’ is your center of interest,…… Continue reading The Why

Book Review: Powerful Watercolor Landscapes

From time to time I enjoy sharing some of my favorite drawing books. There are  many great ones out there, chock full of winning techniques and inspiring advice.  One of my favorites is not actually a drawing book, it’s Powerful Watercolor Landscapes by Catherine Gill.   Why a watercolor book?  Because Cathe’s explanations of powerful and successful…… Continue reading Book Review: Powerful Watercolor Landscapes