The Eyes Have It

eyeRecently I was doing a demo for one of my classes.  My students had asked me to do a quick study of a subject to watch me set up, begin and execute a quick drawing.  Afterwards, one of the students made an interesting comment:   “You should do a video of your eyes as you draw.”  He explained that by watching my eyes, he finally understood what I’d been saying about always looking at the subject.  My eyes were constantly on the subject, darting back and forth between the subject and the paper.  I like to think I’m looking at my subject more than I look at my paper.  In fact about 80% eyes on the subject, 20% on the paper would be good.  So I tried making a video to see if that’s the case…not sure, I might be more 60-40.  (If I get the video edited, I’ll post it.)

The subject is your source.  It holds all the answers.  Some people can imagine a subject or a hold a picture of something in their mind for a long time and do a wonderful drawing without looking at their model.  That’s a special talent.  But I suspect most people are like me.  I have to see it.  If I can see it, I can draw it.   And that’s the skill I’m sharing with you.    Look, look and look again! The more you look the easier it will become to keep your eyes on the subject and you’ll soon find you have a drawing!   Try it now.  Like everything else it takes a little practice.

The Tree:whidtree





tree study

The Drawing:

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