Drawing Together

One of the best things a budding sketcher can do is to draw with other people. By making a date to draw with others either in a class or with a sketching group, then you’re committed to DO it.  Once you’re drawing together, you’ll find encouragement and support. ( If you don’t, find another group).  Artists are usually tremendously supportive of each other. We’re all learning and we all shine brighter with praise.

Last weekend I went to Portland, Oregon for the 2nd Annual Urban Sketchers Sketch Crawl.  My favorite part  of these events is when everyone puts their sketchbooks on the table to show what they’ve been drawing.  There were over 100 participating on Saturday and we filled a line of tables with small sketchbooks.  The work was fabulous – all styles, mediums, and experience levels were represented – such an inspiration!


Urban Sketchers is a great group. Take a look at their website and see the amazing things they are doing all over the world.    Their motto says it all, “Seeing the world one drawing at a time.”  Although I don’t have as much opportunity to participate in their events as I would like, I heartily support their activities.  It’s delightful to meet others who enjoy drawing, to encourage and be encouraged in return.

My first drawing of the day was of the cool shade of the park.



Next I did a quick sketch of the statue of Teddy Roosevelt.


I started a third drawing of a church but decided it was time to head home.  I would have loved to stay longer – may be next year!

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