A Fresh Start

Recently a friend and I were comparing notes about list making.   Every morning I make a new list for the day.  Once a week I plan out the week and at the beginning of each month I set goals via lists.  Imagine the possibilities of a brand new year!  It goes without saying that drawing is always on my list.

For me it’s not about being sure to do a drawing.  I already know I’m going to draw.  It’s more why I draw.  Not that I have deep psychological intentions.  I think drawing is best when we keep it simple.   If anything, I like to remember the simple reasons why I draw and make sure that my work holds to that vision.  I draw because it enables me to view the world anew.  With every drawing I have the opportunity to see my subject in a new light.  Even if you  draw something you’ve seen everyday for 20 years, I guarantee your drawing will reveal it to you in a fresh new way.  As I think about it,  this is just one reason why I draw.  There are many.  So in addition to the weekly  how-to-draw posts I’m going to add more thoughts on the why of drawing.

Drawing is such a hot topic right now –  or is that because I’m in so many drawing groups on Facebook?   More and more people are discovering the joy of drawing and everyone has their own story.   Here’s a great one.  Sketchbook Skool (which I highly recommend) has started off their new blog with an interview with Richard Bell from the UK who has been keeping sketchbooks for 50 years.  Between fascinating stories  and my own ideas there is a wealth of inspiration to keep us all drawing.  Here’s to new views, a fresh start, and the unlimited possibilities of 2015!


Line drawing - one petal at a time
Line drawing – one petal at a time

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