The Eastern Shore

About a month ago, I stood on the shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and watched the sun set over the Pacific.  I marveled as the sun reduced from a bright orange orb to a thin red sliver before it dropped beyond the horizon.  This morning I saw the sun rise above a low peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic.  This time the sliver of light grew into a brilliant orange glow.  Sunset and sunrise over the ocean is nothing less than magical.

Maine is as far East as I am going.  I have a few days to draw and paint before going on to teach for a week. I spent some time poking around bays and harbors searching for a great place to sketch.  Following a sign to a lobster shack, I treated myself to a delicious lobster roll – worth the trip right there!  Across from the lobster shack were several classic buildings, boats, sea wall, etc., that are part of lobster land, complete with a place to sit while I drew.

First, I did a quick sketch in my sketchbook.  As I added color I got a little carried away – easy to do with watercolor – and colored in the whole drawing.  I usually don’t like to do that because it’s not very creative. But it was fun, so why not?   With my sketchbook I give myself permission to mess around and try things.  There are no bad drawings; every single one is a learning experience.


Then I took out a piece of watercolor paper to do a more thoughtful drawing.  This took some time.  As I sat there it was fun to listen to customers chatting while they enjoyed their seafood as well as the fishermen who came in to unload their catches and pick up supplies.  I heard one fisherman yell out, “Look at this one!”  He held up a giant lobster.  “It’s at least a five pounder!”   In his other hand he compared the average one and a half pound lobster. What a difference!  Drawing is not just about what you see, but what you hear, smell, even taste of your subject.


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