Capturing Air

Six states in one day!  That’s the beauty of the small states; you can travel through them quickly.  I’ve dawdled a bit because I love New England but now it’s time to head for home.  The hardest part of today’s journey was going through Western Massachusetts.  Memories beckoned me and I really want to get off the highway and explore. I’ll save that for another time. I know I’ll be back.

One of the interesting things about going from state to state is the difference in scenery and air.  “Air?” you wonder.  I’ll try to explain.  There’s a quality to the colors and the light affected by weather and vegetation, and no doubt other intangibles.   I believe most people would clearly see a difference if they flew from Los Angeles to Portland, Maine in a day.  The atmosphere and light are quite different in each location. I see it when I travel from state to state.  True it’s subtle between some states, but I maintain there’s a distinct look and feeling to the landscape, and, well, to the air. Whenever I cross the border into Maine, it’s almost palpable.   Could that be because I look so intently at lines, colors and values? And because when I draw and paint I want to capture the feel of a place? I don’t know.  Does anyone else notice this?

It’s difficult to draw this quality, painting makes it easier.  I’ll have to remember to take it up in future blogs when I can show you some good examples from other artists of what I’m talking about.  For now, I’m looking forward to examining this theory more as I drive through each new state on my journey west.

tunkbarnI thought this farm was very characteristic of its locale – can you guess what state it is?

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  1. Don’t know where that farm is, but I’m with you about the air/atmosphere in different places. I’ve only been to Maine once, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere so crisp & clear! Where I live, in the south, it looks and feels softer and hazier. Still enjoying all your travel posts and drawings!

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