Beautiful Views

Beautiful, downtown Bellevue.  A little different from the Bellevue those of us from the Pacific Northwest know.  This Bellevue is in Ohio.   I know there are many Madisons, Clintons, Springfields and Greenvilles.  I hadn’t realized there were so many other Bellevues.   It appears that Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas all agree with Washington that their town has a beautiful view.  Bellevue, Ohio is a not so big town that is doing their best to be appealing with bright colors and large planter boxes.


Traveling across Eastern Ohio on a two lane road, I found the towns close together and the stop lights frequent.  This was an area I should have stayed on the freeway because it took a long time to go not very far.  But if I had sped across the state on a freeway I might have missed the perfectly lovely area around Cuyahoga National Park.  I would love to spend more time there.

Because I enjoyed Highway 6 through Indiana, I traveled that route again.  It was just as lovely and somewhat new since I approached all of the landmarks from a different side with different light.  Now the cornfields are brown and the colors more muted.  While the temperature is still warm, it’s more comfortable than my drive East.   Traveling continues to be a delight; each day bring new views and beautiful vistas.  Maybe the whole country should be called Bellevue.


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