Of Windmills and Castles

Continuing my journey across Iowa, I took a short detour to the town of Adel.  On a tip from my Iowa friend, Jennifer, my destination was the Dallas County Courthouse.  This grand building graces a square block in the small town of Adel, population 3,700.  Built in 1902, the architecture was inspired by French chateaus with turrets and towers.   In the center of town surrounding the courthouse, storefronts are well-preserved from the early 20th century and the roads are paved with red brick.  I would have liked to draw the entire building, but just this section was a challenge in itself.  I could easily have spent the day drawing various views of the town, but miles are calling and I need to make progress toward home..


I hopped on I-80 for a hundred miles or so.  Iowa wins a prize – nicest rest stop I’ve seen.  Near Adair, Iowa the entire rest area has a wind power theme.  There is a giant windmill blade set up as a sculpture, inside the services building are displays and information about wind energy and best of all, the picnic table shelters have a wind theme too.


Crossing the Missouri River I entered Nebraska.  The landscape is changing again and signs of the western landscape are appearing. I ended up in O’Neill, Nebraska, a typical Midwest town in many ways.  One unique feature sets them apart – they are kind enough to offer a city park, complete with electrical hookups for free overnight camping.  Bless their hearts.  The only stipulation is that you keep your horses on the south side of the park.   Since most everyone was on the north side, I parked on the south side where there was only one other vehicle, and no horses.  Too bad, I’m sure Tucker would have enjoyed the horses.

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