Into Wyoming

We left Nebraska in drizzly fog.  I can’t complain; I’ve had such great weather this whole trip.  A little rain simply gets us our way more quickly.  Harrison, Nebraska is the last town before Wyoming.  They have a  sense of humor, their entrance sign said, “Harrison, next four exits.”  There are only four cross streets in this small hamlet of 315.

Moving into Wyoming the first few towns I came across were also small.  In fact, according to the sign, the tiny village of Lost Springs has a population of 4.   I wonder how small a town must be before they stop announcing the population on the sign.   I like that Wyoming puts the elevation for each town, reminding me that I was at least five to six thousand feet throughout the day

Wyoming is well known for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, areas of extraordinary beauty.  Much of the rest of the state is barren with low hills, little vegetation and not much else.  I believe there is beauty in everything and if I were to stay there longer I’m sure I would draw and paint the simplicity of the landscape.  There is a peace and purity to it.   I opted for something familiar when I arrived at my campground for the night – lovely young aspens just starting to turn yellow.

Aspens WY


  1. One thing interesting about the barren parts of Wy is the geology, so varied. Maybe it is this varied everywhere but just not so noticeable. Because we used to travel through it often I once had a book on WY geology by the milepost. So love this about the west!.

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