Proportions of the Face

We have positioned the eyes, nose and mouth on the face.  What’s left?   The ears and hair line. The ears are quite simple, looking straight on the face, the ears extend from the eyebrows to the nose.


When doing a profile view, the ears are in the center of the head.  Note how all of the proportions remain the same in profile.


The only guideline for hair is that for a standard, classical face, the hairline is above the eyebrows the same distance as from the chin to the nose, and the nose to the eyebrows.  As you might imagine, this is something that varies greatly.  As with all the features, always  look carefully, compare relationships and draw accurately when adding the hair line of your subject


If I take all the proportions I’ve mentioned over the past three weeks and put them in one drawing, it looks like this:


I wish I could say these are hard and fast rules.  They’re not.  Everyone is an individual and features are slightly different on everyone – which of course is what makes everyone beautiful.  Working from these guidelines has really helped me learn to draw the face more accurately. I hope this will help you too.


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