A Walk in the Woods

For many, winter is dreary, cold and often not too inspiring for drawing.  But one day this week there was a cloudless sky and the temperature soared into the upper 50’s where I live.  It was simply too nice to stay inside so I treated myself to a walk at Bloedel Reserve, a lovely nature preserve near by.

While some might find winter hues drab, I love the subdued tones of January and February.  When you really look, there’s actually quite a bit of color – soft lavenders, warm browns, gentle olives and ochres.  Can you see the colors in this photograph of the bird marsh?  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but perhaps you can get a hint of what was there.


The intense winter sunlight produced golden outlines and strong contrasts.   Here and there buds were forming, sprouts were poking up through the dirt and some early perennials were showing off tiny blooms.  It’s always reassuring to see these promises of Spring.  There were quite a few clumps of snowdrops in the glen.


Quick sketches need not be fancy.  It’s a simple memory of a wonderful afternoon enjoying a walk in the woods.


  1. If you are a tree lover, winter is the perfect time for sketching. You can see the all the wonderful shapes. Enjoyed your post, as always!

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