Why I Draw

Sometimes I carefully plan out my blog posts, and sometimes, like last week’s, they’re quite spontaneous.  After writing that one, I realized that there are many reasons why I love to draw.  When I started jotting them down, I effortlessly came up with ten.   While there are probably as many reasons as there are artists, here is my expanded list of why I love to draw:

  1.   It’s fun.
  2.   It makes me really see the world around me.
  3.   It enables me to appreciate the beauty in everything.
  4.   It encourages me to keep raising the bar higher with each new sketch.
  5.   It makes me think.
  6.   It provides memories of sights and occasions.
  7.   It’s relaxing and calming.
  8.    It has taught me to value uniqueness.
  9.   It gives me confidence.
  10.   It promotes creativity in all aspects of life.

Who didn’t love coloring when they were five? Seeing color appear on paper and drawing favorite subjects is a happy experience for most children.  I was fortunate to have a mother who encouraged my artistic endeavors.  She saved a few of my drawings, writing my name and age on each one.  Here’s one from kindergarten.  I couldn’t spell my name but I knew that smoke came out of chimney and girls had bows in their hair.


The good news is that it’s definitely possible to recapture the simple of joy of drawing even as adults.  Let go of preconceived notions and draw for the pure fun of it.  There are so many new materials to encourage our play.  A friend recently loaned me some water soluble crayons.  I feel just like a kid coloring with them, then using a damp brush, I can mush the color and look what happens.  Since the label is not readable, I will tell you that the crayons are identified as caran d’ache  neocolor II wax pastels.


In upcoming posts I’ll elaborate on some of the other nine reasons why I love to draw. What are some of the reasons you enjoy drawing?




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