Oregon Coast Vistas

After Seaside I wanted to capture some views of Oregon’s wild and rugged coast.  I knew I would find this at Ecola State Park , just north of Cannon Beach.  It was cloudy  when I pulled into the parking lot.  Because of the cool wind I decided to explore with my camera, rather than my sketchbook.  Erosion has closed several trails and viewpoints, even the road to Indian Beach.    Looking south to Cannon Beach is a classic view.  Later I did a quick drawing from the photograph.  I rather liked the ink drawing.  It’s a good example of atmospheric perspective with the hills growing fainter in the distance.


It was a very gray day and I wanted to portray the mood created by  low dark clouds hovering over the hills.  I thought I would put the sky in with watercolor and leave the land in ink.    Unfortunately the watercolor did not work and  I kept adding color to try to redeem it.  I’m showing it merely to share with you that we all have flops.  I could blame it on the poor paper in my sketchbook or the fact that it was hastily done, but really it just doesn’t work.


Later we set off on a trail to the south. At the top of a hill I came upon this lovely view of Indian Beach and Tillamook Head.  The clouds were beginning to clear and the water was a a beautiful blue.  This would have been a great spot to set up my painting easel.


If you’ve seen many of my drawings, you might notice that I tend to draw things not views – things like trees, houses, boats.   Generally, I believe grand views are better suited to large paintings.  Once home I decided it would be interesting to try this wonderful vista as a careful ink drawing.  This is  small,  just 7 by 9 inches.  It just might make a fine large drawing after all.

No matter what I draw, I learn from my drawings.  It is not unusual to have  some that simply don’t work.  It’s only a failure if one doesn’t learn from one’s mistakes.  And, I don’t draw because I’m going to make a beautiful work of art,  I draw because I love to draw.

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  1. Paula, I love the reason you draw. It is not complicated. I have thought long and hard about the why of making art. It started with a movie called, Why does man create? I think the pure pleasure of drawing is the best reason. It seems I often forget to just enjoy what I am doing. It then becomes work. I am not saying that work is a bad thing. But it is better when you love doing your work. I often wonder why I spend so little time drawing and painting. I think somehow I have forgotten to just enjoy the activity.

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