Grand Views

After Yellowstone I drove down to Grand Teton National Park for a week of painting with friends.  The mountains played peek a boo with the clouds for much of the week, but there was still plenty to paint, and draw.  When the mountains are shining in the sun, they’re nothing short of spectacular, cloudy days offer drama and mystery.   On days when it was too rainy and windy for oils, I retreated to my van to draw out the windows.

One day we were working along Mormon Row, a road that connected several families who farmed the valley before it became a National Park.  A few abandoned houses, barns and out buildings remain, weathered and stark against the rugged landscape.  I set up in one location, started with a painting looking east, then rain sent me undercover to draw the views to the  south, north and west.  The weather became increasingly volatile and by mid afternoon there was simply too much rain to even see out the windows so I gave up and drove in to town to visit galleries.   What a great day!

105 Fence line up

105pink house


105 Grand View



  1. thanks Paula. It was a great time. I’m glad we were there to experience the same scenes. My pastels were color studies and color ‘notes’ to use as maps at some other time. It was 1-3 degrees visiting the waterfalls at Columbia Gorge Oregon side and snowing driving home across WA Pass. Great adventure for PAWA connections with interested painters.
    Laurie Crawford

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