Summer Sketching Group

This summer I organized a weekly sketching group.   It’s easy to do.  Simply make a list of places to draw in  your local area and invite your drawing friends to join you once a week.  There are about ten of us who meet each Tuesday from 10 to 12.  We draw until 11:45, then come together to share our drawings and talk about the successes and challenges of our work.  Everyone’s approach is unique and it’s fun to see the results.  The best part is sharing the joy of drawing with others who love it too.

Sometimes we all draw the same thing, sometimes we split up and find very unique items. Last week we drew at  an interesting urban area of Tudor style buildings, outdoor eating areas, eclectic sculptures and lovely plantings.  We had everything from a drawing of one of the store windows, to people sitting at the umbrella tables, to a drawing of a boat parked in the parking lot.  It’s  fascinating to see a familiar area through another’s eyes.   I did a little perspective of the old theater and shop buildings.

108 lynwood

This week we went to a small park.  It’s a lovely spot on the edge of the forest with water views, boats, docks, houses and boat sheds in all directions.   Most everyone sat together and drew the same view – looking down the cove to the open water beyond.  I started with  this view too.

108 port mad

Then, because I knew the view from the end of the dock was interesting, I climbed down the rickety stairs and sat on the dock to draw.  I didn’t have time to finish this one, but was at least able to get the main composition and perspective roughed in.  I added the details later then sloshed a bit of watercolor on each drawing.  There’s a plan to replace this old dock with a modern, and safer, new one.  I’m glad I have a record of  this one.

108 dock

Tuesdays have become my favorite day of the week.  I get so excited about seeing everyone’s drawings that I forget to take pictures of their work.  I’m going to try to remember that next week.


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