It’s InkTober!

Early in the month I was reminded that this is InkTober!  Many of you probably know what that means but for those who don’t, it’s an online challenge to do an ink drawing a day.  I pondered committing to it, thinking that it would be easy because I draw almost every day, though not always in ink.  Ultimately I decided I had plenty to do with my other commitments for the month.  In the spirit of InkTober I thought it would be fun to share some recent ink drawings.

From casual sketches in a coffee shop . . .


to trees in the park.


Most people love the brilliant color of autumn leaves, but I like them best when they dry and curl.  How do you draw crisp?


At our monthly sketching group I drew this unique trailer, decorated for Halloween.


And preparing for an upcoming show, I’ve started some detailed drawings from my summer travels.



Of course there have been more, including many quick squiggles in my sketchbook because I really do love to draw.

Jake Parker started Inktober in 2009 to improve his inking skills.   Regular drawing is always the best way to improve.  No matter what your style or subject matter interest, keep drawing!


  1. Love the drawings Paula! They inspire me to keep drawing.
    BTW, I signed up for your Perspective class, but had to cancel due to a same-time conflict – darn.
    Maybe next time. Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Paula,
    Your posts encourage my own sketching. You nailed “crisp” with your leaf sketch. Hard edges, good contrast, sharp and angular borders all make for a crisp leaf.
    Thanks again,
    Gary B

  3. I love the head in the coffee shop! Well, I love all the drawings. Last year I too thought I would try Inktober, as I usually do sketch in ink. But there was too much else to paint.

    When and where is your show? I would very much enjoy seeing it!

    Lee Schiring

    1. Hi Lee, Thanks for your comment. I’m doing the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour the first weekend in December, and I have two drawings in a group show that opens at American Art Company in Tacoma next week.

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