A Grateful Heart

It’s Thanksgiving day, my favorite holiday of the year. I love having a day to focus on gratitude.  It a time to stop and reflect on what is truly important – the love of family and friends, unselfish grace, natural beauty, and true peace.     I’m sure everyone can put together their own list of things that warm their heart.

Lately I’ve been feeling especially blessed that I get to do what I love.  I draw almost every day! Between teaching, commissions, new work, travel sketching and more, there is always work in progress and progress in the work.  And best of all,  I’m even more enthusiastic about drawing  than I was when I started this artistic life six years ago. I have so many ideas.  Here is the first of what I hope will be a new series on autumn leaves.


A special thank you to all who have encouraged and inspired me along the way.  Blog readers, collectors, students, artists and friends are dearly valued.    May each and all fill their heart with gratitude today too.




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