Close Up Views

Probably my favorite way to draw trees is to focus on the part that I see up close.  Most of the time only a section of trunks or branches is within our range of vision because trees are so huge.  Trees are graceful and elegant from any vantage point.  Their trunks and branches create wonderful designs and the marvelous thing is that no two trees are the same.

I like to focus on the natural shapes.  Line drawings can be an effective way of capturing the form of a group of trunks. By making the closest trunks a little bolder -pressing harder with my 005 micron pen – I can create a sense of depth and add interest to the line work.


Value drawings can highlight the interesting shapes too. Winter is the perfect time to draw trunks and branches.  This old oak tree would be covered with leaves in the summer, but without leaves the design of limbs comes across loud and clear.


Here’s a drawing I’m working on now. There was a time when I would have stressed about making the leaves as detailed as I see them.  Now I realize that the pattern of light and dark in the leaves is enough.  A little definition here and there is all that’s needed to say leaf.


We tend to draw what interests us.  Trees may not be your thing, but hopefully these posts on trees have helped you to see the possibilities.



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