One Week 100 People

Did you see the online drawing challenge this week?  #Oneweek100people2017.  I thought it would be kind of fun so I jumped right into the fray on Monday, drawing people every chance I had.  In order to make the daily quota of 20 people, each portrait needed to be simple and quick. The first day I was pleased to draw most of my subjects from life.


The second day, working around  my teaching schedule I decided to work from photographs.  This day found me spending too much time on details.


By Wednesday it was time to ramp it up so I drew groups of people.  But by the end of the day I was only halfway to the goal.


I was starting to feel a little stressed because I had quite a few other commitments in the next few days.  I paused to consider why I was doing this.   Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes initiated #OneWeek100People to encourage sketchers to improve their people drawing skills, certainly a worthy goal.  I loved seeing each day’s results on Facebook and Instagram. But I was scribbling faces and bodies just to reach the count with no thought to improve my skills.  I made the decision to stop at 52.  This was a big deal because I really like to see things through.  But I made the right decision for me. I will continue to draw portraits slowly, hone my skills and progress at my own pace.




Be sure to  look up the drawings for this great challenge.  There is a fantastic array of work. I now recognize I was excited to be a part of this global event. The work from sketchers around the globe never fails to inspire me.   Congratulations to all who have joined in and posted their work!



4 thoughts on “One Week 100 People

  1. Congrats for taking part! I did too, but like you, I added my own personal goal, which is the only way to make it meaningful (beyond being part of a worldwide initiative, which is pretty cool). My goal was to make as few marks as possible and still evoke an individual – through expression, gesture or posture – and not a generic symbol. I got 104 for the week!

    – Tina

  2. Wise decision! The various drawing challenges are great, but it’s always good to keep the over-arching goal in view — to make the kinds of works that you want — and those outcomes will be different for different artists. Your use of the challenge so far did clarify some issues for you evidently as you now have a better sense of how much attention you put into individual pictures. That’s a win!

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