Something Fishy

Opening the door of my van, it hit me.  Fish and salt – I must be in a fishing town.  And indeed I was.  I had parked along the dock at Newport’s Bayfront area for a great view of Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleet.  This is where the town of Newport started and vintage buildings now house shops and restaurants, in addition to a fish packing plant, marine exhibits, and more.


From my vantage point on the dock, I could see the iconic Conde McCullough bridge behind the boats.  I’ve come to admire the continuity of design of these bridges along the coast.   At some point I’ll make one of them the focal point of a drawing.


Today, however, it’s all about boats.  Wanting to be outside as near as I could to my subject, I had to stand because the dock railings blocked a seated view.  It’s hard to get good boat perspective standing up, but I think I did OK.  As the wind increased, the air chilled.  By the time I was finished I needed to move back into the van to get warm.  I was pleased to discover a good view from the passenger seat.  I did another drawing in the comfort of the vehicle.   It would be easy to spend the whole day here, but more places are calling.  There is so much to see and draw here!

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