Photo or Drawing?

I found the perfect spot!  The sun was shining, the weather was warm and there was only a slight breeze.  There was even a picnic table so I had a surface on which to draw.  What luxury!  I was happily inking away when a man came near me and snapped a picture of my subject.  As he turned to go he said, “It’s faster to take a photo.”   I replied with a smile, “This is more fun.”

It’s the first answer that came to mind and of course it’s true, I was having a marvelous time.   But there’s so much more.   He spent a total of one minute there.  I spent two hours looking, feeling, absorbing the light, the colors, the atmosphere of the place.  I wasn’t after a perfect representation the view, I was drawing what I feel when I see such a beautiful spot.  It’s all about impressions, thoughts and expression. You make a personal connection with the landscape.  That’s what makes drawing meaningful to me.   Drawings work because they come from the heart and soul, not because they’re precise reproductions of a subject.


This isn’t a great drawing.  Perhaps the photo will be a wonderful way to show friends and family the beauty of the Oregon coast.  We all respond to beauty in different ways and certainly photography is a wonderful art.  For me, I’ll stick with drawing.

The next time you’re at a place that inspires you, try taking out a pencil or pen to draw what you see.  The first thing you’ll notice is that you see so much more than you ever knew was there.  The next thing you’ll find is that you’ll connect with that spot in a personal way.  And finally, you’ll have a wonderful memory of quality time spent in a beautiful place. I will always remember the wonderful day I had at Bob’s Creek.  One more happy place on my ever-growing list.




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  1. Hi Paula…
    I am sitting here waiting for a delayed ferry and happened on your blog. Such a wonderful happenstance! And here. appears this wonderful scene. I do find it very inspiring. I especially like how you have interpolated the ink strokes with color. I see this one as more than a wash across …very special.

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