The Quick Draw


Towards the end of our week at Paint the Peninsula in Port Angeles (see previous post), the artists participated in the Quick Draw.  This is a popular event at plein air competitions around the country.  Artists must complete a work within in set amount of time at a specific location.  From an art lover’s point of view, it’s great fun to go from artist to artist  watching as art is created before their eyes.

I was looking forward to it because I’d been working on my own all week and I thought it would be great to be with the group.  Plus, I knew that friends would be checking on my progress.   We gathered at 1:00 pm at the public waterfront park in Port Angeles.  The show and judging would happen at 4:00.  My subject was fairly involved and about mid way through I wondered if I would finish in time so I set the alarm on my phone.  If I didn’t start the watercolor by 3:30, I wouldn’t  get it into the frame and to the exhibition area in time.


It was a very windy day where I was sitting at the end of the pier.   Conscious of time slipping away, I drew faster and faster.  Just before 3:30 the ink work was finished, but I needed a sheltered spot to lay out my watercolor supplies.   A walled-in area behind me provided the needed calm.    I quickly splashed on some blue, added a few more colors and pronounced it done.


Just in the nick of time, I added my piece to the line up of framed paintings on the Port Angeles Esplanade.  It was amazing to see what could be done in less than three hours. While many of the artists did waterfront views, some turned their backs to the water to paint city streets,  one artist did a fabulous conte drawing of some of the artists – and won first prize with it!


I wish I would have thought to take more photos of the individual pieces but I was a little preoccupied. Next time!


  1. I arrived here via Miatagrrl who commented on Joan Tavolott’s blog. I love your style of sketching and adding color. Sounds like you had a great past few weeks. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be checking on you once in a while.

  2. I also stopped by because of Tina’s comment on my blog. I had just participated in a plein air event last week that ended with a “quick draw” too. It is amazing to see what everyone does in the time limit. I like your results.

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