Back to the Oregon Coast

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I’ve taken several trips to draw along the Oregon coast. I love the landscape there. It’s rugged and beautiful and so inspiring. I’m very excited about some note cards I’ve just made from some of the drawings I did there. The images you see in this blog are a few of the scenes. Hopefully I will have a shop page on the blog soon where all my cards will be available for purchase.

Nature's Art

But first, I’m heading off on another trip to the Coast. This time to find shops for my cards and, of course, to do more drawing. You may wonder why, with so many incredible places in the Northwest, I’ve been focusing on the Oregon coast. Well, actually, now that I’m into it, I find this focus quite beneficial to study the character of a subject. I’m getting to know this beautiful place intimately. And there is another reason; I plan to publish my drawings. The Oregon coast is to be the subject of my first book. There will be drawings – lots and lots of them – as well as short essays on what I see and experience as I sketch my way from Astoria to Brookings.

Yaquina Head.jpg

What I’ve learned so far is that this is a project demanding dedication and time. I love focusing on one area, getting to know it personally and connecting with amazing scenes. What could be better for an artist? Watch for updates on my book progress in future blog posts, along with all the cool things I have planned this summer.

Dune Wallk

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