What’s Wrong With This Picture?

It’s time to have some fun with composition.  I did a very simple drawing where I tried to make mistakes based on some of the concepts I covered in the last few weeks.  In doing so, I learned that trying to draw something wrong is almost as hard as trying to draw it right!


This is a little different than the poor perspective drawing I did several months ago with 17 specific mistakes.  Composition is not black and white. Rather the fixes for this will be individual and creative.  There could be ten equally valid ways of improving this picture.  Isn’t it great that there’s no limit to right ideas?  When our creative vision and experience meet up with with  the tried and true guidelines of good design, exciting and unique art results.   I invite you to consider what you might do to make a good composition out of these elements. What ideas do you have to improve this drawing?  Better yet, show me how you would draw this to make it a stronger composition.

I’m offering a prize for the best answer!  I’ll send a  5×7″ drawing of my own corrected version of this subject to the best drawing sent in to me.   To participate, send a jpg of your drawings to paulaensign@gmail.com by June 30, 2015.  I’ll share responses, announce the winner and show my improved drawing next week.

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