Savoring the Madison Farmer’s Market

If you like farmer’s markets, Madison, Wisconsin is the place to go.  Every Saturday, farmers, artisans, bakers and more line up their wares on a tree-lined square block in the center of the city.  It’s not just any block, it’s the block the State Capitol building sits on – you can’t miss it.

They open at 6:30 am and people start coming right away to get the best selection.  When we arrived at 7:30, a good size crowd was already making their way from booth to booth.  There were brilliantly colored flowers and vegetables, delicious fruits and berries, trucks full of fresh picked corn and melons; if it’s grown or made anywhere in Wisconsin, it was there.

I found something I had never seen at a farmer’s market before – popcorn.  There’s popcorn of every color and variety.  It would be fun to try out some of the exotic brands.  Being Wisconsin there was of course cheese, and my favorite is cheese curds.  I came home with some garlic dill cheese curds – yum!


Drawing people that are moving is tricky.  I would have loved to sit for a while to sketch. I was with family members and we had an agenda for the day so I took photos.  I like getting candid shots of folks doing things.  They might be selling, stocking, bagging or simply talking together – totally natural photos are always interesting. Now I have the option to do some casual sketches, like the one here, or make them into more detail drawings, possibly even paintings at some future time.

Later in the day we returned for the Bite of Madison where we sat on the capitol lawn, listened to a country music band, and sampled various food offerings.  I did some quick, gesture drawings of people in the crowd. These are fun to do.  You have to look quickly and carefully to capture the essence of an individual or group before they move.  All in all a good day of drawing in Madison, Wisconsin!


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