Journey’s End

Low clouds greet me as I drive over Snoqualmie Pass toward Seattle.  The air is damp and cool, a refreshing change from the heat of September.  Below the ever present evergreens, bright colored bushes announce that fall has come to the Cascades.

What an amazing journey this has been.  Not only because of the miles traveled – 7,843! – but for the things I’ve seen and done, the friends and family who have brightened my way and the new perspectives gained from solitude and reflection.   Sharing my journey on this blog, has blessed me with many travel companions.  I’m grateful for the comments and emails I’ve received along the way.  I’ve learned so much and I’m already looking forward to planning my next adventure.

The drive is familiar now.  I don’t have to read every sign and follow directions carefully. I’m comfortable in this traffic and make my way through Seattle and down the hill to the dock.  The ferry emerges from the mist.  We head out over the water; there’s a slight, salty breeze and an island comes into view.  I am home.



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