Color Notes

As much as I love to draw, I also love to paint.  One of the things that makes drawing so much fun is adding color.  Color can transform a so-so drawing into an exciting work of art, it can take a simple rendering and give it zing, and, if poorly executed or overdone, it can ruin a perfectly good drawing.  Caution is advised!

There are so many ways to enhance a drawing with color – watercolor, pastels, gouache, colored pencils, even crayons.  Each medium comes with its own characteristics and adds uniqueness. I’ve experimented a little colored pencils and crayon, but because I’ve been using watercolor for some time, I have confidence in it.  Plus, I’ve come to enjoy the contrast of the fluid water media against the tight and precise ink lines.

Even though I now have an established style, I also enjoy using watercolor in different ways.  A sketchbook is a great place to experiment.   Perhaps, I’ll add just a touch of color – like the colors on this drawing of a bucket of brushes.

color notes

Or maybe I’ll play with splatters and drips.  This was done with a toothbrush.

color notes2

Other times, I might decide to paint the entire scene as in this landscape of Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly.

color notes1

Through experimentation and practice you’re sure to find a style that suits your unique expression.  The most important thing – have fun!

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