Picking Up Where I Left Off

Some  may remember that I did a trip to the Oregon Coast in the Spring.  I didn’t have time to get very far.  In fact I only went from Astoria to Cannon Beach, a distance of about 30 miles.   Thirty miles with so much to see and draw!  The entire Oregon Coast is equally impressive and it’s my intention to eventually draw it all.

I’m back.  I’m continuing down the coast to see what wonders I can find.  Just south of Cannon Beach is Hug Beach.  I had been here before.  In fact, I remember doing an oil painting just the left of the stairs to the beach.    This time I came equipped with only a sketchbook, a pencil and a pen.   I did a simple drawing of the very scene I  painted.



Because the tide was out I decided to venture further and go north past a rocky outcropping.  I’m so glad I did!   I found a beautiful beach nestled up against sculpted rock formations, complete with a small waterfall cascading down a rock.  Best of all I had the whole place to myself!  I let my dog run on the beach and I sat down to draw.  Inevitably, people, and dogs, came along and my attention was diverted to the mischief my dog was getting into.   I managed to complete a good portion of the drawing and finished it up back at camp.    I was hesitant to put color on it because I rather liked the drawing by itself. So I held my breath and added the first splashes of watercolor.   As usual, once the color goes on, I always like it better.


Can’t wait to see what further wonders await on this journey!



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