About Drawing Locations

Finding something to draw is no problem on the Oregon Coast.  In every direction there are wonderful subjects.  But finding the right place to sit and draw these fabulous views can sometimes be a challenge. I like to find places where I blend in to the surroundings, where it’s fairly quiet so that I can concentrate, and where I will be comfortable for the duration of the drawing.

The small village of Nehalem offers charming store fronts painted in bright colors and decorated with lovely flower baskets.  After taking a walk around this one block town, I found a great place to sit opposite the grocery store.  It was in the shade, quiet and  nestled between some planter boxes.   Although I was sitting on Highway 101, it was easy to ignore the traffic and focus on the lines and shapes.  I had worked through the proportions and was adding in the details when a large white pickup truck pulled up and parked directly in front of me, completely blocking my view.  There were so few people in town it never occurred to me that someone would  park there. A woman got out of the passenger side and I asked her if they planned to be there long.  But just as the words left my mouth  a semi roared by.  She never heard me and kept walking. Sigh.  I went to a nearby porch to finish adding the important aspects of the drawing. One more lesson learned – never sit down in front of an empty parking space!


Later in the day I wandered around the marina in Garibaldi.   The backside of the main dock with its many colored buildings, bins, hoists and fishing gear was my kind of subject.  I looked at my viewpoint options.  There was a handy bench where I could sit along the boardwalk facing the view. It was a quiet spot with only the occasional fisherman wandering past.  The parking lot and road were behind me.  I sat peacefully for a couple hours to complete this drawing:


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