Coastal Perspective

One of the many things I love about the Oregon Coast is the mist or light that settles where the shore meets the sea.  The farther the distance, the whiter the light. I know this is atmospheric perspective.  It has to do with the way our eyes see light as it recedes in distance.   Along the coast in Oregon it is accentuated more than any other place I’ve seen.  I’m guessing it has to do with the moisture in the air.  However it happens, it makes for a gorgeous scene.

The problem is that it’s very hard to draw.  I confess I have not yet figured out how to draw mist, fog, even clouds for that matter, with ink.   Even though I can get some subtle values with my vertical lines, that softness eludes me.  I tried a quick drawing in ink – it’s such a disaster you don’t get to see it.  Then I tried a small pencil drawing.  Better. Pencil is perfect for soft gradations.


I also love the colors of coastal scenes so just for fun I tried a watercolor version. My watercolor skills are a little rusty.  Its still not the end result I’m looking for.  I’ll keep at it.  It’s good to have a goal and I want to figure out how to express this wonderful atmospheric condition.


I was hoping to have many more drawings of the Oregon Coast to share, unfortunately vehicle problems ended my trip early.   I will be back as there is much more to see and draw.

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