Let’s Take a Field Trip

I like to take my classes to a local coffee shop to gain experience drawing in public.  For those new to drawing, it’s a comfortable place to get their feet wet sketching on location.  And for the more experienced, it offers a wonderful variety of subject matter.   Tables and chairs fill the middle of a large room, and overstuffed sofas and chairs provide conversation areas along the windows.  In addition to a variety of quirky decorations, like a large metal pig hanging from the ceiling, there are always seasonal displays and interesting knick-knacks.  It’s well attended by a range of locals from mothers with small children to seniors doing crossword puzzles.  If that’s not enough, there are large windows with views of trees, flowers, and the Tudor style shops across the street.


The first time sketchers often select a piece of furniture or a decorative item for their first subject.   Once they gain a little comfort, they begin to expand their work with perspectives and people.  I love drawing the folks that spend time there.   I’ve discovered that my students make handy subjects; they’re focusing so hard on their drawings they don’t realize I’m drawing them.



Best of all, it’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours during our damp Northwest winters.  Do you have a favorite place to sketch when the weather is cold and wet?



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