New Work

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on some new drawings.  In addition to teaching, and sketching on location, I show larger, more detailed works in galleries and exhibitions.  I used to think I didn’t have the patience to create a piece that might take ten or more hours.  Now I find that  I enjoy the long stretches of quiet focus needed for these works.  By large, I mean anything bigger than 10 x 16 inches. Currently, I have a 15 x 20 and a 22 x 30 in progress.  Here’s a sneak peek of a portion of the largest one:


Much of the work in galleries and exhibitions today is some kind of painting.    And while my work could be called mixed media, I consider them drawings since 90% of the time I have a pen in my hand.  I used to exhibit paintings and it’s  a delight now to show my drawings along side oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings. Just this week I was excited to learn my ink and watercolors have been juried into a plein air painting competition later this summer.  Watch for more about that in August!

Drawing is a valuable form of fine art.  While I love sketching, working on location and doing spontaneous work, I also savor these more deliberate pieces.   I can put on some music, or listen to a podcast, and escape to the drawing zone.   Time to get back to the work.



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