Packing for a Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed my favorite drawing materials.  I’m packing for a trip, here’s a list of what I’m bringing along:

8 pigma micron pens, size 005

1 platinum carbon ink pen

2 Stillman & Birn Epsilon series sketchbooks – 7×10

1 Arches cold press Sketchbook 7 x 10 – hoping to do a little watercolor painting

30 pieces of Arches Hot press watercolor paper, cut to various sizes

Windsor Newton Watercolors on a travel size folding palette

4  sable watercolor brushes – a 1” flat and an 8, 6, & 4 round

Blotting paper cut into 2” squares – very important for fixing mistakes

A few pencils, and

2 brand new kneaded erasers – remarkable only because I’ve been using some old scrungy ones for too long.


When I travel I tend to work small and draw fast.  The smooth Stillman& Birn Epsilon paper is excellent for fine ink work, yet strong enough to take a little watercolor.  I’ve tried many different types of sketchbooks, but this is the only one I’ve found that handles ink and watercolor to my satisfaction.

When I want to take my time with a more detailed, finessed work, then Arches hot press watercolor paper is my surface of choice.  I’ve become very comfortable with it, which boosts my confidence when adding color.

The pigma micron pens have been my go-to choice for years.   The platinum carbon is new.  I love how it glides over the paper.  I use the best quality Windsor Newton watercolors for light and color fastness.  And if you don’t know about blotter paper, it’s a marvelous tool for blotting up excess water and color when painting.

All supplies fit easily  in the well-used bag my daughter brought me from a Paris flea market.  I load up my gear, grab my pooch and off I go!




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