Cannon Beach

I’m starting my journey at Cannon Beach, the quintessential Oregon coast experience.  I can’t decide which I enjoy more, strolling Hemlock Street dipping in and out of fascinating shops and galleries or exploring the tide pools and beach around Haystack Rock.  It’s one of my favorite places to slow down, unwind a bit, and of course, draw.  The rugged, wave carved rocks on the beach are wonderful.  When the tide goes out, all kinds of starfish, sea anemones, crabs, barnacles and more become visible and handy interpreters are near by to share facts and answer questions.


I love to watch the people exploring and enjoying the beach.  There are groups of families and friends talking, moving slowly and soaking in the natural beauty.  Everyone should have a week at Cannon Beach to recharge their soul.


With Ecola State park to the north and Hug Beach and Oswald West State park to the south there are plenty of places to explore and admire within a short distance of Cannon Beach.  Reading up for this trip I learned that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of Oregon Beach Bill. Oregon is the only state where the entire coastline is public land.  Brilliant, Oregon!

Ok, so if I had to choose one thing not to miss about Cannon Beach, it would of course be the fabulous art. Who doesn’t love a town with 16 art galleries?  My kind of place.


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  1. Ahhh, one of my most favorite places on earth. Beautiful drawings of a beautiful place!

    – Tina

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