Three or Four Graces

Some time ago I saw a photo of a rugged sea stack rising out of the mist.  It was haunting and inviting and I determined to find out where it was.  I discovered it is part of a group of rock formations known as The Three Graces not far from Garibaldi, Oregon.   This was something I wanted to draw!  From the photo I imagined that this was secluded place down a narrow road to a protected bay.  Not so.  This amazing scene is right off the Pacific Coast Highway.   So close you could snap a close up picture as you drive by!   There’s a small parking area between the highway and the boulders that line the beach.  I sat on a large rock as cars whizzed by about 20 feet away.    Once I get into a drawing I’m oblivious to the noises around me.   After an hour or so, a bus load of school children and their chaperones tramped past me on their way to have lunch on the beach.  After lunch, they filled the rocks with color as they went exploring.



I’m a little perplexed about the “three” graces because by my count there were four sea stacks.  Is it the three largest ones, or the three that are closest together?  I googled, but could find no answer to this question.    I drew three on watercolor paper, and then did the fourth in my sketch book.   I’m really getting into rocks, which is a good thing since there are lots more on my journey.


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