Across Nebraska

Highway 20 across northern Nebraska is a great route for scenery, speed and solitude.  Heading west, green pastures transition to golden fields and finally to rugged rock formations.  The two lane road is good most of the way and the speed limit is 65.   Small towns and villages provide variety to the landscape and interest to the drive. What I really loved was that, for the most part, I had the road to myself.  A few semis, farm vehicles, and the occasional pickup or car passed by, but there were no traffic snarls, no impatient speeders trying to get past me and very few construction delays.  For a two lane road, it was, quite simply, ideal.

The views are mostly landscape as there are fewer barns and homes visible from the road.  I suspect the farms or ranches are larger and homes and farm buildings are set back away from the highway.  Grain elevators and windmills were frequent sights though.  I was pondering which I should draw when I came upon both together!    How convenient.


I ended up at Fort Robinson in Pine Ridge State Park.  Despite the rain, Tucker and I had a chance to walk around and explore some of the old fort buildings.  I only wish the clouds would have lifted during my stay so that I could see the hills surrounding the area.  I guess I’ll just have to come back.

Thank you, Nebraska, for a very enjoyable day.

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